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VISA PCI Level 1

NFS achieves the highest level of security.

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Business to Business (B2B)

Complimenting our wide range of standard contact center, order processing and distribution support services, NFS can cater to a full range of wholesale and B2B fulfillment services to create a complete turnkey solution for your business.

Business to Business (B2B)

Financial Reporting Systems

NFS maintains complete A/R aging reporting, account receivable trial balances and a financial reconciliation package that details all general ledger transactions to make reconciliation and monitoring of financial activity simple and transparent.

Account Credit and Hold System

Customers can have specific credit limits established so that orders greater than the available credit limit established on the account are placed on hold or reviewed prior to shipping merchandise.

Specialized Pricing and Discounts for Customers

A customer can be categorized for pricing discounts based on an automatic discount level, a customer type (for instance a wholesaler or retailer), or the quantity purchased of an item.

Credit Memos

NFS can issue credit memos managed and maintained in the NFS processing system established from previous transactions.

Account Receivable Statement Billing

Orders are normally invoiced on a weekly basis detailing the current shipments to the customer.

Customer's who purchase on credit can receive monthly statements detailing all open order history. We break down on a line item basis all shipments and invoices as a separate event for ease of payment and reconciliation for the customer.

Customer Tax Exempt Logic

Customers who submit tax exempt information are suspended from taxation to states where Client has tax nexus. NFS keeps customer Tax-ID information on file.

Bulk and LTL Shipments

Clients can have shipments sent to them send via freight, UPS 100 weight service or standard ground. NFS can prepare and bill back freight including LTL shipments to customer's accounts.

Special Shipment Marking

Certain customers may have specific requirements to induct merchandise to their facility. NFS can accommodate specialized shipping parameters which includes specific labeling or shipment preparation requirements intrinsic to customers needs.

EDI Capabilities

NFS can work with EDI based transactions to work with large organizations that leverage EDI for ordering.

Standing Orders

Customer can order specific products or product types as standing orders so when new products are created or a like product becomes available they can be automatically shipped to the customer.

Check out our systems, fulfillment, contact center, systems and business intelligence sections of our website to see the full range of support services available. Start finding your pathway to success and the peace of mind knowing experts with integrity and experience are managing your business. Give us a call today!